Well we have expanded our horizons just a bit again. I made the decision last night to start another Etsy store where I am listing my creepy sculptures. I called this shop “Its Under Your Bed” Which I was surprised no one had used yet.

It’s weird opening a new one while I’m still trying to build MyGlo Designs at the same time. At the same time the two styles just do not compliment each other at all. I guess there comes a time when you have to diversify. Lay’s didn’t stop at just potato chips. You now have every flavor you can throw at a potato in a bag. No one wants to open a bag of Fritos for there to be Cheetos inside….Well I really wouldn’t complain that much. Might post it on Facebook, but I would still eat them.

New Work And A Delima

New Work And A Delima

This is a few pieces that I just finished up this morning. Most of them are pendants, except two new magic mushrooms. I embedded my first insect in one of the pieces in this pour. I don’t think it is too shabby. but next time I think I will go for something with a bit more color. The steampunk dichroics are my favorites out of this group. There are so many possibilities with the two techniques that it does boggle my mind.

That brings up another point that I have tried to work around… The practicality of raising prices on some of my items. We have tried to make quality, interesting things for people, and offer them at a price that wouldn’t dig too deeply into their pockets. The problem is that many of the techniques I’m using now are more resource, and time consuming, than before. I’m using more charms, backings, my crystals are bigger, and more of the things I do are multiple step projects.

Is it wrong of me to feel the way I do being a growing business? I wonder how do other business owners feel when they have to change? Sme are corporations that it is just part of life, but the smaller businesses that really know their customers, how do you feel?

CBS News, I Beg You: Write More Gooder, Pleez

My thoughts exactly!!


I try not to be a total grammar freak. Then this article showed up in my Facebook feed, and it was so poorly written that I couldn’t look on in indifference. I realize this is partially–only partially–a transcript from the accompanying news video, but even with the pictures working in concert with the reporter, the story is still half-assed. For people like me, who read the articles rather than watch a video (because I prefer reading, and do we really need things chattering at us all the time?), the transcript is a nightmare.

If you read this and think that the timeline is funky, then FYI I thought that too, until I realized the article was written in 2011. I hope Steve Hartman has gotten an editor by now.

DAUPHIN BOROUGH, Penn. – The statue appeared in the middle of the Susquehanna River, near a town in the…

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Striving For Success

Striving For Success

It is a long tedious trial for anyone starting out in your own business. I wonder if it is easier for a brick and mortar store? There you have a road, a sign, and the cars driving by that can see “Hey there is a store there” Then the cheap side of me says you have rent, electric bill, gas, fixture costs, and ect, ect

It is easy for a newb that is used to just using Facebook to post odd posters and hey I’m going here, or there, to get lost in all of the ways to promote yourself online. I find different sites, register, and then find another, rinse and repeat. Then you forget about one for a sec, and people stop looking, and then you forget other ones, but then you find apps to post on most at once after a bit. It is like a big scavenger hunt online and your prize is your success.

That is why you learn though is for your success. Whether you are a writer, soap maker, or artist (That’s me!) this is an era of cottage industries coming back. We have access to the whole world within mear keystrokes to appeal to. Anyone with a kitchen table, workbench, or knitting needles with a comfy chair has a shot if you are just willing to learn, and just keep looking.