The Ride So Far…

Hello to all out there staring at a screen wondering if this journey will bore you, or if the author can string together coherent sentences. Welcome to the MyGlo Designs blogs that will help chartImage our journey going from mild mannered hobbyists selling here and there on Etsy, to a full fledged online store, and vendor to amazing people at live events.

So how about a little about the author of this babble. My name is Jason Messer, and I have had a wonderfully amazing, odd, lower middle class life so far. I do have one very epic son named Nathaniel, but he prefers Nate, and never ever Nathan! I live with my girlfriend/ business partner Megean, a dog named Jack, and three kitties named Sally, Annie, and Minion. Together we form a unique family trying to keep up with bills, providing sustenance to all mouths, and putting money into our passion, MyGlo Designs.

I think I shall leave off with this journal entry at this point for today. We will be going into more details about where we have been so far tomorrow, and where we are aspiring to be in the future, well, in future posts. Stay tuned kiddies:)

Jason Messer