The Difference

There is a basic difference between some people, and the other people as big as the difference between humans and animals. Some differences are subtle while others are as vast as the universe. Some peoples polarities will never allow them to be able to embrace all the ideas and differences that make us a complete species. There are those that catch a glimpse of the grand scheme, others that profess total knowledge, but in reality it is through their own tunnel vision, and some see behind the curtain and wonder if the wall was always there, or did it appear when I pulled back the curtain.

The human imagination is one of the most glorious things that we know about. Yes hard work and dedication also has played a role in shaping our physical world, but first that world was part of someones mind. It began as random electrons firing through the neurons that link like the overgrown brush. Like the brush it just takes a breeze to make new branches touch, sway, and move. A gentle breeze of electrons through the mind is what has shaped this world into what it is today. It made your car, your home, your bicycle, and you.

Everyday you are bombarded with the stresses of life. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, appointments to keep, trying to say the right things at the right times. Everyday starts blending into the next day continually racing to meet some sort of objective that is looming in the distance, but never quite fully seen. For some there is just that. That is life. That is reality. There are many that can only accept that life. That is there driving force, that is what they will always see.

Is this the part where I say qit your job and go be free and live in the woods eating nuts and berries? If thats what you want, but I do prefer my creature comforts. You know like toilet paper, a warm house on a cold day, and stuff like that. The rat race can be shaped is what I have to say. You need to see past that wall behind the curtain. Everyone has things that they enjoy, and all that I’m asking is pursue you loves actively, and at any chance you get. Keep your job if you have to, but worry about not worrying. Make time for your passions in your life, and you never know where that will lead. 

All it takes is following that little breeze in your mind, and who knows what might materialize to grace this reality.


2 thoughts on “The Difference

    • Thank you for the compliment. Life has been weird for me for the last few months, and I finally decided to start sharing more of myself. Thank you for the boost, and enjoy your day!

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