One of my new resin pieces

DSCN1344 DSCN1345

What would you get if you crossed a rose quartz crystal, and an opal? This beautiful crystal is made with recycled glass, resin, an awesome film, and my custom glow in the dark powder. Yes it does glow. Check it out under the crystal section @ www.



Recent events in my life have made me look a little bit closer at what truly matters in my life. There are my possessions that I like, but I don’t need. There is the cool tv I wish I had, the car I drool over, and ice cream. Love my ice cream, so I had to give it a plug. Anyways back to the subject at hand, what do I treasure?

I remember my first treasure from the ripe old age of three when the world was still full of surprises, things to explore, and my grandpa. He was there frequently in my early life helping my mother out to raise me. She was always working at restaurants, or selling Mary K back then. This day found me and Grandpa at a lake somewhere. I remember there was a little clearing with sand right on the shore of the lake where we set up our chairs. The willow trees were hanging down low and full of leaves so it was probably around mid summer. There was a good breeze going, but it was hot and I was fidgety. I’m still fidgety… I remember him trying to teach me to cast without very much luck. Them low hanging willows were better than all star outfielders catching a fly ball. He did not get angry but I think I was distracted by the time he cut my line for the third time, and he just set the pole off to the side.

There was me and the sand. There was so many colors of rocks in the sand that I was digging into. I found amusement in making my own little mini lakes that would fill up with water. Amazed watching my holes slowly fill from the bottom I started on my fourth hole. That’s when I found it, my first ever treasure!! It was small and silver catching the sun and my total attention. I freed it from it’s sandy depths and proceeded to wash it off in one of my little lakes I created. I took it to grandpa and he laughed “You found a trophy champ!” It was a little cheesy trophy cup, but to me it was the most incredible thing ever. A couple minutes later my grandpa caught the only fish of the day, and then I realised what the whole point of fishing was. The lake was a big fish tank, but I couldn’t use my hand like I usually did to catch these ones.

Sadly I don’t still have the little trophy I found on that day. I don’t have my grandfather either. He died at our house around a year later after a long battle with lung cancer. I remember there was family showed up, and I was stuck in my bedroom with the Hardy Boys playing on an old black and white television. I wasn’t glued to the show like they had intended. Instead I was glued to the keyhole in the door trying to watch through my narrow view the events that were going on. After a while I remember seeing the journey going past my door with a white sheet covering somebody up. That is the last time I seen My grandpa.

I may not have the little cup, or him, but I do still have my treasure….The memory of that moment, and the smile on his face.