New Work And A Delima

This is a few pieces that I just finished up this morning. Most of them are pendants, except two new magic mushrooms. I embedded my first insect in one of the pieces in this pour. I don’t think it is too shabby. but next time I think I will go for something with a bit more color. The steampunk dichroics are my favorites out of this group. There are so many possibilities with the two techniques that it does boggle my mind.

That brings up another point that I have tried to work around… The practicality of raising prices on some of my items. We have tried to make quality, interesting things for people, and offer them at a price that wouldn’t dig too deeply into their pockets. The problem is that many of the techniques I’m using now are more resource, and time consuming, than before. I’m using more charms, backings, my crystals are bigger, and more of the things I do are multiple step projects.

Is it wrong of me to feel the way I do being a growing business? I wonder how do other business owners feel when they have to change? Sme are corporations that it is just part of life, but the smaller businesses that really know their customers, how do you feel?


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