Striving For Success

Striving For Success

It is a long tedious trial for anyone starting out in your own business. I wonder if it is easier for a brick and mortar store? There you have a road, a sign, and the cars driving by that can see “Hey there is a store there” Then the cheap side of me says you have rent, electric bill, gas, fixture costs, and ect, ect

It is easy for a newb that is used to just using Facebook to post odd posters and hey I’m going here, or there, to get lost in all of the ways to promote yourself online. I find different sites, register, and then find another, rinse and repeat. Then you forget about one for a sec, and people stop looking, and then you forget other ones, but then you find apps to post on most at once after a bit. It is like a big scavenger hunt online and your prize is your success.

That is why you learn though is for your success. Whether you are a writer, soap maker, or artist (That’s me!) this is an era of cottage industries coming back. We have access to the whole world within mear keystrokes to appeal to. Anyone with a kitchen table, workbench, or knitting needles with a comfy chair has a shot if you are just willing to learn, and just keep looking.


What inspired me?

You may ask  what inspired MyGlo Designs look? Why do you want to make everything glow? The answer….Tron and my uncle.

One of my earliest memories was tagging along with my uncle to a nightclub during the day. I have no clue why, or for that fact where it was exactly, but it was amazing to me as a kid. The person my uncle was meeting kicked on the music and the lights to distract me, or maybe to see if I was prone to seizures? There was so much to take in all at once as the darkness came to life. The disco ball was shooting multi colored beams and I watched the points of light traveling rapidly across my shirt. There was moving spotlights chasing the beams almost as rapidly as I was, but then there was the most amazing thing ever…The floor lit up!! There was big squares of illumination changing colors with the music and warping my fragile little mind. I remember thinking that this must be what it is like to be an adult. I can’t wait to be an adult!!

Then not to long after I was exposed to Tron. It wasn’t a cartoon, but it didn’t look real at the same time. Someone said “It’s the future” and I was thinking the future is going to look sooooo cool, but in reality I think they meant it was the future of how movies were going to be made with the use of computer graphics. If only he knew. The light cycles with the laser light trailing from the rear tire, the lines of light tracing out all of the outline, and the blue glow of the power stream hypnotised me and planted a seed.

I have always had this notion growing up that the world would be a neon laced bright shiney place like Tokyo, or Las Vegas, but alas it never happened. Although I have been to Vegas, so part of my childhood fantasy came true, but even there one block off of the strip isn’t very bright or shiny.

To me this is my little way of making the world that bright place from my youth. I make it glow one piece of work at a time. It doesn’t matter if it is a glowing crystal, egg, skull, or kandi charm, I am doing my small part to help bring light to the dark.

What Drives Me

What Drives Me

Today is another day of working ten plus hours doing something I don’t mind doing, but is it what I love doing? Not really. Does it give me the same satisfaction as what I create for myself? Again I must answer know. I am just fulfilling someone else’s dream, helping them reach their goals as a business, and donating my time for a wage to use for my own means. Don’t get me wrong, the owner of the company that I work for is a very stand up guy with compassion, and truly supports his employees goals, even if it doesn’t mean they will be with his company forever. He has asked me about how this little dream I had for four years now is doing. He has asked me this repeatedly over the three years I have known him. It gives me satisfaction to finally be able to tell him that there is wind in the sails, even though the final destination is somewhere over the horizon.

So then what is this desire that I have to break from the norm of working a nine to five for a steady dependable company? It is dreams. It is creativity. It’s the ability to imagine something within the depths of my mind, and bring it into the physical realm to be touched and held. It is the idea of thinking something has potential, making it, and then someone to be amazed at something that they didn’t know even existed is now in their hands. The smiles, thank you emails, and the people that are actually willing to trade their own hard earned money for a piece of my imagination. My imagination is all over thu United States. All over the world in fact. Italy, England, France, and Australia all have pieces of me. Image

That is what infuses me with passion. My imagination can make people happy, be cherished, and make someones life a little brighter.Image

The Ride So Far…

Hello to all out there staring at a screen wondering if this journey will bore you, or if the author can string together coherent sentences. Welcome to the MyGlo Designs blogs that will help chartImage our journey going from mild mannered hobbyists selling here and there on Etsy, to a full fledged online store, and vendor to amazing people at live events.

So how about a little about the author of this babble. My name is Jason Messer, and I have had a wonderfully amazing, odd, lower middle class life so far. I do have one very epic son named Nathaniel, but he prefers Nate, and never ever Nathan! I live with my girlfriend/ business partner Megean, a dog named Jack, and three kitties named Sally, Annie, and Minion. Together we form a unique family trying to keep up with bills, providing sustenance to all mouths, and putting money into our passion, MyGlo Designs.

I think I shall leave off with this journal entry at this point for today. We will be going into more details about where we have been so far tomorrow, and where we are aspiring to be in the future, well, in future posts. Stay tuned kiddies:)

Jason Messer